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Darkel Bichon Frise was founded in Binghamton, New York in 1971  with the acquisition of Parkway's LaFemme, a one year old bitch from a French import sire and a Belgium import dam.   In 1972, LaFemme was bred to Beau Monde the Actor.  This breeding produced five puppies.  Two of these puppies were kept at Darkel.  Both gained their American and Canadian championships.  They were Darkel's Angelic Star and Darkel's Artic Star, C.D.

In 1974 LaFemme had her second litter sired by a Champion Cali-Col's Octavius Caesar son.  From this litter came Darkel's Snowbelle.   Belle latter went on to win B.O.S. to Vogelflight's Music Man at the 1975 BFCA National Specialty.  Due to her tragic early death, Belle never completed her championship and she produced only one litter of  two puppies in her short lifetime.  Champion Virdel's Antiquity Phoebe Snow and American/Canadian Champion Darkel's Avalanche, C.D. sired by Champion C&D Beau Monde Blizzard.    We co-owned Belle so only Avalanche came to live at Darkel.

Also in 1974, we had our third litter of Bichon puppies at Darkel when Angelic Star gave birth to her first litter of two puppies. These puppies became Champion Darkel's Cameo Souvenir and Darkel's China Souvenir.  Cameo remained at home with us while, at one year of age, China moved to Puerto Rico to make her home with the Dardets.

That same year we acquired  from Bob and Mary Ann Lawson of Idle Hour's Bichon Frise a young bitch, Idle Hour's Enchantment.  Echo  completed her American championship handled exclusively by, Jeff Herman, the teen-age son of her co-owner, Ann Herman. 

Angelic Star was bred to her grand sire, Champion Chaminade Mr. Beau Monde in 1975.  This breeding produced three puppies.  One bitch, Champion Darkel's Elfin Magic, was retained by us and was later bred to Spooky producing American/Canadian/Bermuda Champion Darkel's Edelweiss.  In 1981, Edelweiss was bred to Champion Beau Monde the C&D Surfer and presented us with one male puppy, later known as American/Canadian Champion Darkel's Sneak Preview.

In 1977, Cameo had  her first litter of  four males, sired by Champion. Windstar's Aristotle.  In 1981, one of the puppies from that litter, Champion Darkel's Imperial Gamble, R.O.M. became the pride of our kennel when we learned that he was the #2 top winning Bichon Frise in Canada.  Spooky was owner handled.   Spooky as he was called at home was a joy to live with and consistently produced his wonderful temperament and quality in his offspring.

In 1979, Cameo was bred to Champion. Darkel's Avalanche, C.D. This breeding produced American/Canadian Champion. Darkel's Royal Justice and his sister, Darkel's Royal Jewel.  Justice was shown exclusively by my daughter, Ruthellen Viall.  Together they obtained both his championships and eleven first place junior handling wins for Ruthellen in 1982.

My special pet and companion, Darkel's Celebrity was born in 1985.
In spite of the fact, that at that time, I showed many of my own dogs   "Toto" was the first Bichon that was 100% breeder/owner/handled 
to both of his championships by myself.  In the past my dogs had all received some of their points while being shown by others.

These puppies and breedings along with "pick of the litter" and "stud fee" puppies are the history of Darkel Bichon Frise.  We are proud of our Bichons and invite those that are interested in seeing the current Darkel Bichons to come for a visit.  Our kennels are always open to visitors by appointment. Puppies are occasionally available by reservation.

Since the arrival of the first litter at Darkel our goal has been to produce happy, healthy puppies that will bring joy and happiness to their owners.

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