Our pedigree

Just born

Five days

Fifteen  days

Three weeks

Four weeks

To see close-ups of individual puppies

August 27

Six weeks

Eight weeks

Going home

The time has come......

Pongo did his job as dad.
Secret provided a mom's love and care.
And we have tried our best to create happy, healthy, well adjusted puppies
Now it is time for each puppy to have a family of its own to love and care for it.
Annie was our coral puppy and the very first to leave. 
She is being spoiled and loved by Stacy and Dennis.
They live nearby so we hope Annie comes to visit.
Clementine was blue flowers.  She now has a new brother, Clancy, 
and new parents Linda and Ron who have been waiting to give her a great new home.
Daughter, Gwen, says she is going to spend more time visiting to help spoil Clementine.
Did you recognize this little guy as "Turquoise? 
He is now called Ivory.
 His new mom, Imgard even got him a brand new house.
Sunni's (rust) family has been waiting a long time for him. 
I am going to miss having them visit and play with the puppies.
Lauren was suppose to study for test .  We wonder if Sunni sat on her lap while she studied
or if her mom and dad got a chance to hold him too?
Kaji's (mauve) mom, Emily, flew from Maryland to take her home.
Shannon (9) and Ryan (11) were anxiously waiting at home for their first new puppy.
Their first Bichon was already four when Ryan was born.
Purple is Linda's new puppy but I have a feeling... 
  Sharon and Fred will give her lots of help spoiling Jazz.
Jazz will be living in Florida in the winter and at a lakeside New York home in the summer.
Angel's (pink) mom and dad came to get her on Saturday, September 30th
Bill and Karen were anxious to take their new little girl home.
Their son and daughter-in-law and two grand daughters came with them.
Thank you for watching us grow and we hope you enjoyed the photos.