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As Courtney studied the new ARBA standards, 
she decided that she had to have this breed.
 All of our Coronets were selected by and belonged to Courtney
Courtney gave up her Coronets in 2006 when she went to college.
Our boars:
Keegan's Premium
Cherished Jupiter (reg.)
Keegan's Premium
Cherished Jupiter
Millenium ex. Dynasty
Keegan's Disco ex. Isabella
Our sows:
Cherished Christabella (reg)
Keegan's Quartz
Cherished Christabella
Cherished Keepher
Alpha's Hero ex. Isabella
Aerosmith ex Phoenix
Cherished Keepher (reg) 
Cherished Keepher
Keegan's Disco ex. 
Cherished Christabella
last updated: September 2, 2006