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For 35+ years I raised and exhibited Bichon Frise dogs. In 2002, the Bichons and I retired from that portion of our lives. As my older dogs began to cross the Rainbow Bridge those remaining no longer required the entire space of their attached 22' x 22' kennel building.

In 2008, I began to remodel the unused kennel space for my cavies. With the help of family and friends the space was divided, heat ducts were installed, the electric, plumbing and lighting were upgraded. We also installed a new ceiling with three overhead fans, placed fiberglass paneling on the walls and added ceramic tile flooring. Adjustable wire shelving around the perimeter holds supplies, carriers and show boards above the cages.

The front wall was designed for my convenience. On the left are cabinets and a small counter with a deep sink for washing cavies and filling water bottles. The washer and dryer were moved to the caviary from the basement so they are now closer to the main living area of my home and are also very convenient for cavy laundry. The feed bin, additional cabinets and counter space are on the right with a white board between for messages and posting notes. A new refrigerator for holding fresh vegetables for the cavies completes the front wall.

During Labor Day weekend 2009, the cavies and their cages were moved from their previous basement accommodations into their newly remodeled home. The cavies seem comfortable and I love having them close. The new caviary is 13' x 22' of bright, open and airy space.

Five foot double doors make moving large items and cages in and out of the caviary much easier.

Additional photos will be added as available.

Our Caviary:
Back wall right
Right side back
Back wall center
Back wall left
Front wall left
Front wall center
Front wall right
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last updated December 19, 2017