Thank you to Ed & Gary, our wonderful hosts!
Thank you to everyone that came and helped make the day a success. 
The weather could not have been better and the company was the BEST!
For information regarding the 8th Annual Binghamton Bichon Bash
to be held July 9th, 2005
Ed Shephard & Gary Noce  Vestal, NY JoJo (F), Kasey (F)
Dorothy Wilson  Binghamton, NY Casey (M), Impulse (F)
Bill & Debbie Rae Mohegan Lake, NY Cody (M)
Kathy & Gary Schark Hamden, CT Bear (M), Maxwell (M), 
Jazzy (F), Jack (M)
Gaile Avent Symphony Hill, TN Smudge (M)
Audrey & Chad Prentice, Joel Beaumont Apalachin, NY Buster (M)
Walt Muroski Scranton, PA Monte (M)
Nick & Molly Radice Vestal, NY, NY Bridgitte (F), Truffaut (M)
John & Manyann Murfin Webster, NY Baila (F), Maci (F)
Ellen & Dennis Ulrich Fairport, NY Tigger (M), Little One (F)
Patty Burns Endicott, NY Joey (M)
David & Maryann Bogner Niskayuna, NY Lily (F)
Patty Flint Endicott, NY Reilly (M)
Harold Baumann & Margaret Harris Liberty, NY Lucy (F)
Amanda Herzog Vestal, NY Cody (M)
Geri & Carol Callis Dickson City, PA Holly (F), Princey (M)
Ann, Tommy & Danny Engle Binghamton, NY Rudy (M)
Hilary & Hugh Holland Brackney, PA Shadow (M), Teddy (M)
Tammy & Tiffany Payne Brackney, PA Baily (M)
Irmgard Hahn Rochester, NY Ivory (M)
Paula Gilmour Syracuse, NY Bailey (M)
Barbara & Caroline Loftus Swoyersville, PA Bichy (F)
Debora Bloom & Maria Brackin Ithaca, NY Hermes (M)
Natalie de Combray Ithaca, NY Pango (M)
Cindy Senten 
Kathy Kelly
Endwell, NY
Apalachin, NY
Gizmo (M), Blue (M)
David, Matt & Sara Krcha Apalachin, NY Heidi (F)
Jeanette & Kenny Bensing Johnson City, NY Belle (F), Buddy (M)
Kevin Overacker Endwell, NY Teddy (M)
Deron & Angela Elsbree Apalachin, NY Puffy (F)
Rita Clarke Apalachin, NY Evie (F)
Terry & Matt McArdle Rochester, NY Scout (M)
Chip Adams & Kathy Hosier Sidney, NY Darby (M), Rocket (M)
Linette & Frederick Meagher Binghamton, NY Mario (M)
Michelle Hall Sayre, PA Samantha (F), Jasmine (F), Sebastian (M)
Juliette Clegg Thornhill, ONT Holly (F), Lucy (F)
Michelle & Greg Burdick Malta, NY Hudson (M)
Jill Siegel Rockville, MD Charley (M), Lucy (F)
Kathy Potochniak Endicott, NY Daisy (F)
Janice Pegels & Marcella Jewell Binghamton, NY Blanco (M)
Leira & Ruben Manso Vestal, NY Chiki (F)
Melissa & Tim Talma Binghamton, NY Daisy (F)
Pat Kimmel Wallingford, CT Logan (M), Niki (M)
Mary Anne & Victor Dewitt Binghamton, N.Y.  Xena (F)
Lisa & Jule Micha Johnson City, NY Scooter (M)
Jessica, Chuck, Nick, Sunni, Zodie & Jonathan Hinton Whitney Point, NY Sugar Magnolia (F), Lilly (F)
Donna & Margie Madison, , Lillian Kovitch Binghamton, NY Kortney (F)
Lori Olivieri & Paul Przybylsk Buffalo, NY Kobe (M), Lil Girl (F), 
Lindsey (F)
Alan & Mildred Finkelstein Endicott, NY Max (M)
Michael & Erin Hayes Vestal, NY Biscuit (M)
On the following pages you will be able to see many of Ed and Gary's guests at the July 17, 2004,  7th Annual Binghamton Bichon Bash.  Just follow the links to the section you would like to see.  If you have any questions or comments, you are welcome to contact me.  If you attended and I left you off the list, it wasn't intentional, please let me know so that I can make the correction.  If you see someone you recognise and would like to have a name added, I will be glad to do that.   I hope you enjoy the photos.
We look forward to seeing everyone again next year.  Many thanks to all who contributed photos!
last updated :April 27, 2005

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