Audrey Prentice and Buster.  Last year Buster had just recovered from an attack by a much larger dog.
Irmgard Hahn from Rochester and two year old Ivory attend their first bash together.  Irmgard attended two years ago to meet the Bichons.
Faye Mendelsohn from Hamlin, PA cuddles with one of her four fluffs that she brought with her.
Patty Flint and her guy, Reilly, from Endicott, NY attended their second bash.
Ronni Dobkin and her husband, Satish Thakersey, brought their three Bichons from NYC for a day in Binghamton.
 Meg Anastasia from Amherst, MA.   Meg came with her Bichon Zylo and sons, Trey and Morgan.