Puerto Rician/International
Darkel's Imperial Gamble, 



Born: January 9, 1977
Died: November 9, 1984
To Spooky.......... 
A clown in a shorn white suit, 
A showman personified, 
Who traveled with us afar. 
A loving warm character
With cuddling and kisses,
A ladies man to boot,
And a trail of offspring
 To tread in your paw prints.
On this your lasting journey 
Take with you our loving thoughts.
For all of us here at Kachina 
With whom you traveled afar 
Shall miss your joyous presence. 
We are truly sorry, Spooky,
You will not travel with us again
To shows so far apart,
But, Spooky, in our thoughts,
And memories, you will always be~-

From Binghamton to Clarkson, 
Ohio, Pennsylvania,
Ontario, Nova Scotia,
New England, the Atlantic States, Bermuda and Puerto Rico. 
A clown in a shorn white suit,
A showman personified,
Who traveled with us afar.

Your ring presence always noted,
Stately with a drive and zing,
Performing as requested,
Giving, showing
Just never unnoticed. 
-Sally Ann Helf-
The above poem was written and published by our friend, Sally Ann Helf, following Spooky's untimely death from cancer in 1984.

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