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Five weeks

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Going home


     Going Home
The puppies are now nine weeks old. 
They have been examined twice by a local veterinarian, and they are eating very well on their own.

On nice days they love to play outside and visit 
with anyone that will stop to pay attention to them.

Now it is time for each puppy to go to its new home where we hope that it will spend 
the rest of a long, happy life.

For those that have been following the puppies progress:
Here is each puppy with its new family

Lenny with part of his new family. 
The men of the family waited at home for Lenny.
To see Lenny in his new home.
Chloe (formerly lilac) with her family.
Molly (formerly fuschia) was the first to leave
for her new home.
Emma (yellow ribbon) had to fly to Denver 
to be united with her new family. 
The entire family met her at the airport.
Bichy's (white ribbon) family came to take her home after they returned from Denver
where they delivered Emma to her new family.