Ch. Darkel Forecast ex Darkel's Impulse puppies
Going home
The puppies have all left for their new homes. 
Here they are with their new families.
White (Avalon) will remain at Darkel.

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One week

Three weeks

Five weeks

Seven weeks

Nine weeks

Going Home

Mario loves being spoiled by his new parents.  He 
is staying close to his birth home in Binghamton.
Maci has a new big sister, Baila, to to play with at her new home.
Clapton's mom and dad had everything ready for his arrival.  They are giving him lots of love everyday. Buddy's mom brought his uncle Skeeter to take him home.  We think they will be great friends.
The new families of both these boys lived very far so to avoid the necessity of an overnight stay for them, I  drove a portion of the way to meet them.  Harley's new dad holds him out of the rain while his mom watches. Toby is the second Bichon for his new parents.  They loved their first Bichon so much that after his death they came back to me for a second one.  We know he can't fill the paws of Charlie but we hope he can provide as much love and companionship.
Tinsley (previously yellow) stayed at home with her sister, Avalon (previously white) until she was four months of age.  She has now left to be with her new family in Ohio.  She has two new hu-sisters, Melanie, 14 and Mandy, 10, to spoil and pamper her.  Melanie was on a school trip and couldn't be with the ramainder of the family when they came to get Tinsley.

We are pleased that all of these have such wonderful homes and look forward to hearing about their progress.

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