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Dorothy Wilson

1 Orchard Avenue

Binghamton, New York 13904

puppies born in 2000 & 2001

Desi Puppy
July 6, 2002

Missy puppies 
September 6, 2002

Impulse puppies
January 11, 2003

Aurora Puppies
June 24, 2003

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Since the arrival of the first litter at Darkel our goal has been to produce happy, healthy puppies that will bring joy and happiness to their owners
On the succeeding pages you will find photos and pedigrees of current and recent litters.  This will allow those that are interested in our progress to see the newest arrivals at Darkel and to watch their growth.
This is not an advertisement of puppies for sale. These puppies have been promised to new carefully screened owners. The photos and pedigree have been placed here so that the new owners and their families can watch their puppies grow and mature. 

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