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1st Annual - 8/15/98
2nd Annual  - 8/1/99
3rd  Annual  - 8/5/00
4th Annual - 7/21/01
5th Annual  - 8/10/02
6th Annual - 7/12/03
7th Annual - 7/17/04


This is my first attempt at building my own web page but my hope is that through this site I am able to show you a little about the dogs that have been used to produce the current "Darkel" line.  So that you can find your way around the site I have divided it into three sections. 

Darkel History  features dogs that have all passed over the "rainbow bridge" including our very first Bichon and a photo of her first litter.  Putting this section together brought  back many memories so you will have to forgive me if it is a little long.  All of these dogs in their own way contributed to the "Darkel" line and are fondly remembered (sometimes with a tear but always with love).

Darkel Present features our some of the Bichons currently residing with us.  These are the dogs that are producing our future.  Many of these dogs are currently being shown by us or their co-owners. This section will also provide links to web pages of dogs that have been purchased from Darkel.

Darkel Future will present to you new puppies and those that have recently left to go to their new homes. We always hope they will remain and be loved for the rest of their lives in this home but should that ever be not possible, any Bichon that has ever been born here is always welcome to return either for a visit or to live out the remainder of its life should its new owner ever be unable to keep it.

I hope that you enjoy your visit with us and our Bichon family.

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