Darkel's Angelic Star

Born:  December 23, 1972
Angel was our first American champion Bichon.  She completed her championship in  just ten shows.   During her show career she never placed lower than RWB.

After completing her championship, Angel was bred to Champion Darkel's Artic Star.  On May 1, 1974 she gave birth to two female puppies.  Champion Darkel's Cameo Souvenir and Darkel's China Souvenir both remained at Darkel until they were one year of age.  At that time China was sold to Isabel Dardet in Puerto Rico.

On September 17, 1975 her second litter sired by Champion Chaminade Mr. Beau Monde was born.  Champion Darkel's Elfin Magic resulted from that litter.

After completing her maternal duties, Angel briefly tried obedience but made it known to everyone that she preferred the life of a pampered pet at home so never completed her obedience title.

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